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Our history at a glance


The offshore project "Sandbank 24" is sold to Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH.

The Projekt group moves into its new home: an office building constructed to passive house standards.


In its "Year of Science", the city of Oldenburg designates Projekt GmbH a "Denkstelle" ("Ideas Centre").


Projekt Ökovest launches its first reforestation project in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul: 200 hectares of sustainable forestry.


The offshore grid connection for the project “Sandbank 24” is fully approved.


Together with regional partners from the worlds of business and science, Managing Director Ubbo de Witt initiates OLEC e.V., a supra-regional, interdisciplinary energy network.

Together with partners, Projekt Ökovest initiates the project "HyWindBalance" with the objective of planned feeding of wind energy into the grid using hydrogen storage technologies.


The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency approves the offshore wind farm “Sandbank 24”.


Foundation of the Polish subsidiary Ekovest Polska sp. z o. o.

Foundation of the Brazilian subsidiary Ecoprojeto Ltda.


Implementation of Germany’s largest offshore wind farm, “Sandbank 24”, begins.

Projekt GmbH buys the prototype of a VW Golf CityStromer and gains its first experience in the field of electro-mobility.

Projekt GmbH wins the contract for project planning for a wind energy turbine for the model village of the Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten on the Expo exhibition site in Hanover. The turbine is part of the model village’s energy strategy.


The prototype of a Bonus 2 MW turbine is erected on the test field of the Deutsches Windenergie Institut in Wilhelmshaven, DEWI. The operational experience gained with this first multi-megawatt-class turbine type results in the decision by the first Danish offshore wind farm, Middelgrunden, to use turbines from Bonus (today Siemens).


With a Vestas V47 (660 kW), Projekt GmbH erects one of the first prototypes on the DEWI test field. It is followed by a prototype Vestas V66 with a capacity of 1.65 MW.


Heike Kröger and Ubbo de Witt found Projekt Ökovest GmbH. As a sister company of Projekt GmbH, it finances and markets eco-projects with a focus on wind energy.

On behalf of a customer, Projekt GmbH builds the first community wind farm. It is located in Bassens in Wangerland. Projekt Ökovest attracts the equity capital for the project. The farm comprises 34 AN Bonus turbines, each with a capacity of 600 kW.


Ubbo de Witt founds Projekt GmbH in Oldenburg. The company and Planet GbR and Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG (later joined by Projekt Ökovest GmbH), form the Planungsgemeinschaft Energie und Umwelt.

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